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The Duck Decoy Fin is a must have for any river and stream waterfowl hunter. Duck Decoy Fin makes excellent
duck decoy accessories, goose decoy accessories
and river decoy accessories.

The Duck Decoy Fin also makes a great gift
for waterfowl hunter in your life!

No more worrying about dead batteries. No headaches. The Duck Decoy Fin is really the easiest way to give your decoys constant motion in any current. Don't ever mess with motorized decoys again, pick up your Duck Decoy Fin today.

Tom Eilers - Duck Decoy Fin - Duck Decoy Accessories My name is Tom Eilers founder of Duck Decoy Fin and I have been hunting waterfowl since I was a kid. Over the years, there have been many products I've tried to give my decoys realistic motion, but nothing worked the way I thought it could. I wanted something that didn't require batteries and wasn't dependent on the wind.

My Duck Decoy Fin works perfectly, without batteries and without wind. It works with a river or streams natural current to bring your decoys alive.
Use in any current
- No motors
- No Batteries
- No Windpower
Two Sizes Available
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The Duck Decoy Fin
Suggested Retail Price:

$11.99 for regular size (3 pack)*
$14.99 for magnum size (3 pack)*

*Note: Each 3 pack includes 3 split rings and 6 snap swivels.

Duck Decoy Fin Options

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