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Tom Eilers - Duck Decoy Fin - Duck Decoy Accessories If you have ANY questions at all about the Duck Decoy Fin, do not hesitate to call or email us.

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Be sure to include shipping charges as follows for domestic orders:

1 - 3 packages - $5.00

4 - 7 packages - $7.50

8 - 10 packages - $10.00

over 10 packages - free
Use in any current
- No motors
- No Batteries
- No Windpower
Two Sizes Available
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The Duck Decoy Fin
Suggested Retail Price:

$11.99 for regular size (3 pack)*
$14.99 for magnum size (3 pack)*

*Note: Each 3 pack includes 3 split rings and 6 snap swivels.

Duck Decoy Fin Options

NOTE: Due to shipping charges, please contact us directly for orders outside of the US. We will quote shipping charges at that time. We will not process orders outside of the US without a shipping quote. Thanks in advance, We appreciate your business.
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