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Frequently Asked Questions

Q   How fast does the current have to be for the Duck Decoy Fin to work?

A   The Duck Decoy Fin will work with minimal currents. 1 mph to 3 mph recommended current.

Q   Is there such a thing as a river with too much current?

A   There are situations in a very strong current where you may need to add to your anchor weights and switch to the smaller Duck Decoy Fin.

Q   Will the Duck Decoy Fin work in lakes and ponds?

A   If the lake or pond has inlets or outlets, the Duck Decoy Fin can be utilized. As mentioned, the Duck Decoy Fin needs only minimal current to make your decoys come alive.

Q   Can the ducks see the Duck Decoy Fin?

A   The Duck Decoy Fin sits under your decoy and under the water. The main component of the Duck Decoy Fin is made out of clear plastic and is undetected by the waterfowl overhead.

Q   What depths can the Duck Decoy Fin be used?

A   The Duck Decoy Fin needs a minimum of 8 inches to be effective. I have tested the Duck Decoy Fin in depths up to 14 feet with very good results.

Q   How does the wind affect my Duck Decoy Fin?

A   The Duck Decoy Fin is designed to optimize the current to create life like motion. The wind has minimal effect. The Duck Decoy Fin motion is not created by wind, but by current.

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